Claddagh Birthstone Rings

Claddagh Birthstone rings are the old traditional Irish wedding ring. Originating in the fishing village of Claddagh in Co. Galway in the 17th century. Our rings have 3 components: The hands represent friendship, the heart love, the crown loyalty. When the heart points towards the body, your heart is taken and pointing away from the body you are free to love! 

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Our Claddagh birthstone rings are a gift of love, loyalty and friendship from Ireland. The Claddagh ring was used as a wedding ring for over 400 years and is a symbol of the phrase “Let love and friendship reign”.

We know there are many legends about the origins of the ring. Particularly concerning Richard Joyce, a silversmith from Galway circa 1700.  He is said to have invented the Claddagh design as we know it.  Legend has it that Joyce was captured and enslaved by Algerian Corsairs around 1675 while on a passage to the West Indies. He was sold into slavery to a Moorish goldsmith who taught him the craft. King William III sent an ambassador to Algeria to demand the release of any and all British subjects who were enslaved in that country, Which at the time would have included Richard Joyce. After fourteen years, Joyce was released and returned to Galway and brought along with him the ring he had fashioned while in captivity.  What we've come to know as the Claddagh. He gave the ring to his sweetheart, married, and became a goldsmith with "considerable success". His initials are in one of the earliest surviving Claddagh rings, but there are three other rings also made around that time, bearing the mark of goldsmith Thomas Meade.

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