Old Irish Coins Sets

Our Framed Old Irish Coin Sets make a lovely Irish gift. The coin collector enthusiast would love these as would anyone interested in Irish History. We are delighted to present a selection of old Irish coin sets covering the history of coinage from pre decimal times until we embarked on the new Euro currency on January 1st 2002. In 1928 Ireland started using its own currency  Pre-decimal coins were issued until 1971. At this point decimal currency was introduced.

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Some interesting information on the history of Irish Coins

Pre-decimal coins

The Irish Free State government passed the Coinage Act in 1926. A committee was established to choose designs for these new Irish coins. This committee was headed by WB Yeats and it recommended that the coins feature a series of native animals because of their central importance to the mainly agricultural economy of Ireland.

The harp was chosen for the back of the coins, as it had been the heraldic emblem of Ireland for many centuries.

The words ‘Saorstát Éireann’ (Irish Free State) appeared on the back of the coins from 1928 to 1939. In 1939 the word ‘Éire’ replaced ‘Saorstát Éireann’ and minor alterations were made to the horse, hen and harp.

Decimal Coins

In 1971 Ireland changed over to the decimal system and the old penny, threepence, sixpence and half crown were removed.

The old shilling and florin coins were of equal value to the new 5p and 10p coins. The original designs of these coins were kept. Also the woodcock design that was on the old farthing was then used on the new 50p coin.

In 1986 the 20p coin was introduced. The horse from the old half crown was used on this.

In 1990, Ireland issued its first pound coin. This was issued to replace the £1 note. The red deer, which is native to Ireland, was chosen for the design of the £1 coin.

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